About Us

The current Ministry of Academic Affairs has been constituted after the elections for the seventh house of representatives conducted in February 2021. At the ministry, we strive towards ensuring that the students have a smooth academic experience.


We closely work with the Office of Academic Affairs, Centre for Writing and Communication,  Ashoka Centre for Wellbeing, Academic Advisory Board, Global Education and Strategic Programmes, and all the Academic departments.

Our Vision

We aim to act as a bridge between the students and the administration. We wish to facilitate a healthy learning environment for students, especially in such uncertain times.

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Minister's Vision

My intent is to make Academic Affairs at Ashoka a more inclusive place. I would like the Ministry to work more closely with the Academic Societies, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Learning Support, the Academic Advisory Body, the Ashoka University Library, and the larger student body in general. My vision is of a ministry that works closely and most importantly empathically with the students to make academics at Ashoka a sharper, safer, and healthier experience.