Acad Soc Policies

How must a new Academic Society register?

A new Academic Society must prepare a proposal with the following:

  1. Manifesto, stating the aims of the Society
  2. Written approval of the Academic Advisor(s) from the relevant department(s)/programme.
  3. Overview of the Society’s structure - core team, leadership (if applicable), membership criteria (if any).
  4. Two concrete ideas for events to be held once the Society is formed (for existing Societies: concrete plans for the next 12 months).
The proposal must be submitted to the OAA for evaluation.

What is expected out of an Academic Society?

  1. It is recommended that all Societies maintain at least one flagship event (for example, publishing a journal, news column, conferences, hunts, etc.) to ensure that the life of the Society is dependent on something other than the incumbent core team.
  2. All Societies are required to conduct at least 5 events in an academic year to be eligible for Merit Awards. The nature of the events is at their discretion.
  3. Apart from the minimum 5 events, Societies are expected to participate in the Ministry of Academic Affairs’ Orientation Week activities, with the aim to introduce themselves to the incoming batch as well as host an event during the Academic Societies’ Fair.
Failure to do so may have a negative impact on the Society/s prospect for renewal.

What is the budget an Academic Society entitled to?

The Academic Societies are entitled to INR 5000 from the OAA annually. These expenses come solely in the form of reimbursements. For smooth processing, inform the OAA of any expenses a week before they are likely to be incurred. To claim reimbursement, a member of the Society must send the official receipts of the expenditure from the society email account to the OAA within 30 days after the expenditure has been accrued.

When is an Academic Society eligible for Merit Awards?

To be eligible for the Merit Awards, Societies must have conducted 5 events in the year (and must submit an annual report to the OAA, which will then be appraised by the OAA. Further, to stand for the Merit Awards, Academic Societies must nominate themselves via a form circulated by the OAA prior to the submission of the annual reports.

What Merit Awards are awarded?

The OAA will adjudge winners of the Merit Awards in the following two categories:

  1. Best Academic Society: given to the Society which has worked consistently throughout the year, through external and internal engagement, and has made significant contributions to the enhancement of campus culture.
  2. Most Enterprising Society: given to the Society that has undertaken the most innovative and interesting events throughout the year, that have showcased an academic discipline in unique ways.

What is the Annual Report?

The Annual Report of an Academic Society serves to document its activities between March of the year prior to the Merit Awards and March of the year the Merit Awards to be awarded. The Annual Report must include:

  1. Detailed reports on any activity the Society may have conducted after having submitted the reports on March 15 of a year and that cannot then be considered for that year’s Merit Awards (which will be conducted in April), including activities during the Summer break of that year, the Winter break and any mid-term breaks, until mid-March of the next year.
  2. In case of a fundraising event: how many funds were raised and how they were utilised.

What is the Appraisal Policy for Academic Societies?

The Appraisal for Academic Societies shall be solely decided by the OAA, with consultation with other academic or non-academic departments’ expertise if and when deemed necessary. The appraise will be based on the Annual Reports submitted.

Please find the latest OAA guidelines for academic societies at this link, updated February 19, 2021. For other concerns or clarifications, refer to the FAQs on this page.