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Ashoka Psychology Society

The PSA (Psychology Society at Ashoka) aims to bring together students who have a strong academic interest in the discipline of Psychology. The focus is on promoting scientific and scholarly inquiry within the field and to facilitate the application of Psychology to solve real world problems through community engagement and translational research. In addition, students can get opportunity to engage in various leadership and managerial activities essential for organizing various events which aim to promote the spirit of psychology beyond the classroom and encourage the entire student body (not just psychology majors) to engage with it meaningfully.

Co-Presidents: Riddhi Rai, Saumya Nandini Sethi
Website: Shubhangi Banerjee, Sanskriti Shrivastava
Events: Sonali Pahuja
Marketing: Aakriti, Anukruti Singh
Helpdesk: Ishita Ahuja, Ananya Khandelwal

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