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Epigraph - The Literary Society

Epigraph, the Literary Society of Ashoka University, nurtures literary society awareness and works directly under the department of English and Creative Writing. The society organizes writing workshops and talks to facilitate a close acquaintance with authors, scholars, and academicians. In its quest to enrich the campus' understanding of literature, the society plans to host reading groups and open houses in the future. Epigraph does not have a formal hierarchy between its members, and functions on the foundation of cooperation, and a shared sense of responsibility.

Core Team Members: Vighnesh Hampapura, Swati Singh, Mukta Pradhan, Diya Isha, Sreemoyee Bhattacharya, Abhyuday Sen, Zinnia Girdhar, Vibha Balaji, Surabhi Singh, Shree Thaarashini Sriraman

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