GESP Policies

Summer Semester

What is the Course Adjustment Period of Summer Semester?

Students can Add or Drop courses in the first five days of the semester. To add courses after the first Friday of the summer semester, students need faculty permission, which must be forwarded to both OAA and the Summer team by email, so that the required changes can be made. No additions are entertained post that.

Is P/F policy available for the Summer Semester?

Yes, the P/F policy is available for the Summer Semester. The deadline to avail of it is Week 4, the process remains the same as it is in the regular semesters.

What are the W and WF deadlines in the Summer Semester?

From the second Saturday of the summer semester, until the fourth Friday of the summer semester, course withdrawal is permitted but will result in a 'W' grade on the transcript. To withdraw, students must email both OAA and the Summer team, keeping the concerned faculty in the loop. All course withdrawals post the fourth Saturday of the summer semester will result in a ' WF' grade (withdraw with fail) on the transcript.

Is Financial Aid available for the Summer Semester?

Students on Financial Aid for regular semesters will be eligible for the same for Summer Semesters as well. Any revision in the aid will also apply. However, there is no Financial Aid solely for Summer Semesters.

Study Abroad

What is the CGPA criteria for Study Abroad?

Ashoka requires students to have a CGPA of 2.8 to be eligible to apply for study abroad in the summer. In addition, some schools may require a higher CGPA. For a semester abroad most universities have an eligibility of 3.3 CGPA and above, some may have a 3.0

When should I opt for Study Abroad?

In general students are advised to spend their 4th OR their 5th semester abroad. This is to ensure that they have completed most of their foundational requirements and are reasonably well settled in their specialization.

Do I need approval for Credit Transfer?

Students must have pre-approval from the relevant faculty/ programme head for the courses they plan to take abroad, if they wish to transfer credits from their courses towards their programme requirements. If they don’t receive an approval for the specific course(s), then the credits earned from those course(s) cannot be used towards the programme credit requirements. However, in certain cases, with the permission of the Dean of Academic Affairs, these credits may be used to meet the overall credit requirements of the undergraduate degree.

Is there a Credit Transfer limit for Study Abroad?

Students are not allowed to transfer credits into their foundational requirements, all of which must be completed at Ashoka. Additionally, the maximum credits that can be transferred are:

  • 4 courses (16 credits) can be transferred for a pure major programme requirement
  • 5 courses (20 credits) for an interdisciplinary major programme requirement
  • 2 courses (8 credits) for minor programme requirement
Lastly, students can spend a maximum of one semester or two summers abroad.

Will the courses from Study Abroad impact my (C)GPA?

Grades earned in courses taken at any other institution will not be calculated in the CGPA for the degree completed at Ashoka University. Thus a student’s final CGPA will be calculated only on the basis of the grades earned at courses taken at Ashoka University.