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Academic Accommodations 2020-2021 (Timeline)

19th March

AAB sends email to propose P/NR to the Board of Management

23rd March

A survey (collaboratively designed by the House, Ministries, and AAB) is released to gauge academics and well-being of Ashokan students during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown

30rd March

Ministry of Academic Affairs collates and presents the report of the survey on "Mental Health and Academics During the Coronavirus Pandemic" to the student body and administration

2nd April

Policy is rejected through communication by the ADAA

4th April

In the morning, the House meets the VC and in the evening, the VC + faculty are present for an academic accommodations Townhall where proposals including P/NR and Double A

5th April

SG and AAB meet with HoDs to discuss individual accommodations that can be made

12th April

In an email, VC communicated that P/NR was approved for Spring Semester 2020

12th April

Vice-Chancellor passes the P/NR policy for Spring 2020.

20th April

Ministry sends a document with clarifications on the P/NR policy (based on their communication with the OAA) to the student body.

4th October

Academic Accommodations Survey released for Monsoon 2020.

9th October and 15th October

Ministry holds a meeting with the Office to discuss proposed accommodations.

16th October

OAA provides the following accommodations based on the Ministry’s recommendations:

  • Deadline for converting credit course to audit extended

  • Deadline for dropping course with ‘W’ extended

27th October

Ministry collates and releases a report of the Academic Accommodations survey along with a document of proposed policy measures based on the results

3rd November

Ministry holds meeting with Dean of Academic Affairs and the OAA to discuss further accommodations. Dean Ramaswami proposes Pass/Fail (P/F) policy

10th November

Ministry presents the proposed Pass/Fail policy, along with a list of recommendations, to the student body

12th November

Ministry organizes a Townhall to discuss the P/F policy

20th November

OAA passes the approved P/F policy in effect from Monsoon 2020 semester onwards

23rd November

Ministry sends an email to the OAA with further concerns from the student body about the approved Pass/Fail policy

29th November

Ministry presents the response of the administration – they rejected the concerns raised such as extending the deadline to opt for the policy and removing ‘F’ – to the student body

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