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April 2021 (Report)

Work Completed

  1. Collaborated with the ACWB in compiling all necessary information regarding the Centre to be released to the student body.

  2. Collaborated with the OLS to understand the existing academic accommodations being extended to students.

  3. Introductory meeting with CWC.

  4. Meeting with Team Library about availability of e-resources and e-books.

  5. Introductory meeting with the new AAB Department.

  6. Released guidelines for Student Representatives.

  7. Collated annual reports from Academic Societies.

  8. Facilitated Academic Societies in applying for Annual Merit Awards.

  9. P/F Policy

  10. Compiled signatories for P/F Extension.

  11. Successfully completed P/F Policy Deadline extension till week 11 for Spring 2021 and till week 8 for all future semesters.

  12. Conducted help-desks with students who needed clarifications about the P/F policy.

  13. Created flash-cards about the P/F Policy

  14. COVID Second Wave Accommodations

  15. Organised help desks on 19th-25th April for students having academic concerns in collaboration with student representatives across various departments.

  16. Extension of reading week and final grade deadlines by one week due to the COVID situation.

  17. For COVID Second Wave Emergency accommodations, created a Whatsapp group with TAs/TFs/GAs to facilitate smooth conversation.

  18. Collated student concerns across disciplines by working with student representatives.

  19. Taking into consideration student concerns brought up, drafted the Emergency Accommodations Proposal

  20. Transcript Accommodations: To ensure graduating students receive transcripts on time, created a form to ascertain those who require it before the current deadline.

  21. Held an open meeting in collaboration with Campus Life Ministry and Community Wellbeing Ministry on 26th April to discuss student concerns and MAA's proposal for emergency academic accommodations.

  22. Created flashcards about the New UG Maximum Credit Policy for easy understanding and access.

  23. Held an open meeting on 29th April to address doubts about the Maximum Credit Policy and its implications on the UG23 FC issue. The meeting also discussed future action regarding the same.

  24. Proposed first draft of the financial budget for the Ministry. After taking into consideration the comments on it, the second draft of the budget was confirmed on 29th April.

  25. Had a meeting with the OAA on 30th April to discuss the emergency academic accommodations, P/F policy clarifications and UG23 FC issue.

Work in Progress

  1. In the process of releasing further information regarding the screening process used by OLS for identifying disabilities.

  2. FC Structure for UG’23 and UG’24.

  3. Emergency Accommodations Proposal pending approval from the OAA.

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