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April-May 2020 (Report)

1. Negotiations with the VC which were initiated in the month of March were complete. The outcomes of the negotiation were communicated to the student body, following which the Ministry of Academic Affairs and the SG were getting a number of queries. Based on these queries, a repository of frequently asked questions was compiled by the SG, the AAB and the Ministry of Academic Affairs and shared with the student body 

2. Initially any student who opted for P/NR would not be eligible for latin honours. However, this setting was negotiated with the VC and ultimately students who had opted for P/NR would also be eligible for the Latin honours from both the UG and the ASP batches. 

3. The formation of the AAB which was initiated in the month of March were now completed and the information was released to the student body. 

4. The Heads of Department within the Ministry of Academic Affairs, with the Minister and the Deputy Minister had held a meeting regarding the budget allocated to and within the ministry. Following this meeting, the first budget was drafted by the Minister and the Deputy Minister. A second draft of the budget was also discussed wherein the lumpsum amount that was allocated to the ministry was distributed within events that were to be held by the ministry.

5. The CWC and ACWB held online appointments to help students during the time of lockdown, the social media department of the Ministry of Academic Affairs made videos with instructions on how students could book these appointments. These videos were uploaded on the Ministry's Facebook and Instagram pages. 

6. An email was sent to the media team requesting them to send instructions to the AAB on how departments can update their individual websites. 

7. A Google Drive folder was created in which students could upload any notes that they had. This would be helpful for those students who left most of their resources on campus and so did not have access to them. 

8. Most compulsory courses tend to use the same textbooks across semesters, which can be reused by students across batches. We aim to collaborate with Tarang to set up a system to make this possible. This process is currently underway. 

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