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August 2020 (Report)

Academic Societies and Academic Advisory Board

  • Department organized the AAB and ministry helpdesks in the Orientation Week,

  • Continued with the collation of department handbooks from the student representatives.

  • Working on a formal mechanism for feedback to academic departments with the AAB

  • Working on introducing the academic societies to the UG23 batch in the extended o-week.


  • The department scheduled and conducted meetings with Mr BP Prakash and the library team, Ms Reena Gupta from the OLS and Prof Poulomi Das from the CWC at Ashoka. These meetings had different agendas but the overarching aim was of introducing the Resources department to these Ashokan centres and initiating conversation with regards to the upcoming academic year (part of which will be virtually conducted).

  • The collated responses of subscriptions required by students (collected in July) was shared with the library team and discussed in detail in the meeting. The department was reassured the team would further deliberate on them and we were also informed of upcoming additions to the academic e-subscriptions list.

  • A form was also created and circulated among students, teaching faculty and members of AAB to collect suggestions of academic e-resources. The department is currently updating and expanding the list of academic e-resources it had previously compiled and shared in the Spring 2020 semester. It will be shared soon. An email is being drafted containing the resources that are already provided by the OLS. An Ashoka fresher starter pack containing some highly recommended digital resources is also being curated. The department is working with the Social media team to create resource based infographics; these will include information necessary to learn and teach effectively in an online semester.

Social Media and Documentation

  • Created a tutorial video on how to navigate the LMS portal

  • Created a tutorial video on how to navigate Ashoka’s library portal

  • Collaborated with the Cultural Ministry to create a Welcome to Ashoka video for the incoming batch, where seniors answered some questions related to their academic experience.

  • Launched the Academic Affairs website which contains information on policies, FAQ, AAB, resources and academic societies, etc.

  • Purchased a domain name for the ministry website.

  • Manya Bhasin of the department had resigned due to commitments with the RA programme.

Well Being and Social Impact

  • Working on the absence policy, talking about both excused and unexcused absences with the faculty.

  • Working on a collaboration with the social media team in regards to finding solutions to issues that students frequently encounter during remote learning, along with a possible collaboration with the ministry for community well being.

  • Planning to draft a proposal to the VC for recurring health issues and absences related to them.


  • MAA session during O week

  • MAA session during training week organized

  • Proposal for extension of shopping week to two weeks proposed to Dean: Rejected

  • Postponement of FC Pref deadline till the 26th which was accepted

  • OAA Dept in active collaboration with ABP as an Academic Reps

  • Checking up on Pre-registration reports when students didn't receive

  • Meeting with Dean on new course structure and minimum credit requirements for ASPs which was then changed to 12 credits

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