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December-January 2021 (Report)

Work Completed:

1. Sent the compiled policy document regarding the functioning and inclusion in Merit

Awards of the Academic Societies to the Deans.

2. Working on a covid response policy

3. Talked and set up meetings with AUQC and Femcol about student testimonials

4. Set up a meeting with the OAA in the beginning of December regarding FC completion

of first years, CTS completion by some UG students and other departmental concerns

5. Organized a town hall for UG 23 on FC structure and possible changes

6. Mailed OAA about FC structure and followed up in January

7. Sorted out course registration problems specifically those with the psychology


8. Met with FemCol and AUQC for possible collaboration with academic societies

9. Met with AUQC , FemCol and POCs of academic societies to take the collaboration


10. Met with the AAB to discuss NOC policy for student representatives

11. Followed up with the VC about the UG23 Townhall

12. Proposed solutions for UG'23 FC structure

13. Set up a meeting with the OAA

14. Requested 3 course exceptions to be made to the Dean

15. Finished posting Spotlight E-resources on our social media.

16. Updated Ministry website with monthly reports from our term.

Work in progress:

1. Taking the AUQC, FemCol and academic societies’ collaboration forward

2. Drafting NOC policy for the AAB

3. Send pointers about Academic Covid response policy to the Admin

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