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February-March 2021 (Report)

Work Completed

  1. Inductions and announcing the Ministry for 2021-22

  2. Introductory meeting with the OAA, Team Library, GESP.

  3. Strike for Academic Freedom

  4. Coordinated with faculty and departments to adjust submissions, exams and coursework to aid students during the days of the strike and facilitate the boycott. (22-23 March 2021).

  5. P/F Policy deadline extension:

  6. Introduced the need for a P/F policy deadline extension to the Office of Academic Affairs in a meeting with Associate Dean Rosenhagen.

  7. Conducted a survey to understand by when can students make an informed decision to avail of the P/F policy (Received 534 responses from the student body)

  8. Collated survey results and shared them with the student body

  9. Sent out an appeal for signatories to the student body after compiling survey results which reflected Weeks 8-9 as a favourable deadline.

  10. Facilitating accommodations for those in extended quarantine from SH5

Work in progress

  1. P/F Policy deadline extension

  2. Drafted a five-part proposal that aims to extend the uses of the P/F policy, in addition to just requesting a deadline extension. This proposal will be presented to the OAA in a meeting scheduled for 5th April.

  3. Introduce the proposed changes to the Vice-Chancellor

  4. Introductory meeting with OLS, ACWB, CWC, CDO.

  5. FC Structure for UG23 and UG24

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