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January-February 2022

Work completed:

1. Met with the Office of Academic Affairs on 21st February to discuss the following:

  • Grade Appeal Mechanism Proposal: They suggested moving ahead with the setting up of departmental committees to deal with grievances. Need to understand the nature of grade disputes that occur in different departments.

  • Academic Societies Honor Code: Discussed it, suggested sending it to other bodies and experts for feedback as well.

  • Academic Societies Tracker: Has been accepted, will come into effect next term.

  • Discussed possible changes to the Academic Societies’ policy, will be shared with the student body soon.

2. Honor Code has been sent out to (i) CASH and CADI representatives, (ii) FemCol

(Most work was put on hold towards the end of January as we were expecting to hand over the Ministry, however, have restarted projects since Mid-February given the extension of our term)

Work in Progress:

  1. Drafting a survey to gauge the different grading disputes/ discrepancies that exist in departments (to support the need for departmental Grade Appeal Committees)

  2. Collating information on departmental processes (Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Student Representative selection/ election): Aim to share it with the student body soon

  3. Planning for the FC Student Representative elections scheduled to take place in mid- April

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