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July 2020 (Report)

Faculty and Academic Council

  • Drafted student recommendations for the remote learning committee

  • Researched global practices relating to grievance redressal

Academic Societies and Academic Advisory Board

  • Worked on the collation of handbooks from different departments.


  • The Department floated a survey to take note of the institutional subscriptions required by the Ashokan student community. 208 respondents from across academic programmes participated in the survey and all responses were collated and ranked by the department members. The top-ranked requirements were; The New Yorker, The Yale Literary Magazine, The Paris Review and The London Book Review.

  • Aratrika Sengupta, the HOD resigned from the Ministry due to commitments with the RA programme. She was succeeded by Kaisera Kanwar, who along with the Minister conducted inductions for new members of the department. After a round of applications and interviews; Karishni Puri and Pranathi Jammula were inducted as members of the ministry.

Social Media and Documentation

  • Introduced the Ministry members on our Instagram

  • Introduced the members of AAB on our Instagram

Well Being and Social Impact

  • Working on the absence policy, talking about both excused and unexcused absences with the faculty.

  • Working on a collaboration with the social media team in regards to finding solutions to issues that students frequently encounter during remote learning, along with a possible collaboration with the ministry for community well being.

  • Planning to draft a proposal to the VC for recurring health issues and absences related to them.


  • Collated a list of students who will be finishing FCs only till their fourth sem and shared the list with the OAA

  • Coordinated pre-registration glitches such as shifting course codes with the OAA and got them rectified

  • The initial problem in the pre-registration portal of students who finished FC but were being told to opt-in for an FC was sorted

  • Coordinated opening FC registration for all students and communicated the same to the student body

  • Problems with respect to pre-reqs on the portal was communicated

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