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June 2020 (Report)

Faculty and Academic Council

  • Researched statutory bodies in international universities that adjudicate on professional misconduct.

  • Studied their definitions of professional misconduct, the grievance addressed, and their redressal mechanisms.

Academic Societies and Academic Advisory Board

  • Conducted meetings with the AAB to discuss TAship policies, policies on NOCs, follow ups on ASP guidelines and department websites and handbooks.

  • Conducted a meeting with representatives from Academic Societies. This was an introductory meeting, held with the aim of understanding how the ministry could help them become more visible to the student body.


  • Worked with Tarang on creating a recycling library. Collected information on different courses and tried to recycle the materials from students who have already taken the course. Created a survey and have compiled some information, but for now, the project is on hold due to the nature of the next semester.

  • Conducted a survey regarding subscriptions we may need and are now in the process of talking to the library committee and arranging for these subscriptions.

Social Media and Documentation

  • Worked on creating the Ministry’s official website. This website will have information related to academic policies and will document any work that the ministry does. The website will also contain the contact information of all the members of the ministry.

  • The website will be live by August.

Well Being and Social Impact

  • Worked with the Ministry of community well-being on a policy regarding Mental Health absences. The CWB ministry is serving as the point of contact with the ACWB on this issue.

  • Began working with the OAA on a course drop policy that would allow the course to be dropped from the transcript.


Form collated on P/NR and technical issues faced during Spring Sem 2020

  • Met the undergraduate writing program and proposed the idea of a NOC for the appointment of peer tutors, which was accepted by Akshita Todi, the peer-tutor co-ordinator. Also proposed a student panel for redressal of complaints, which we were informed will be implemented in the form of a PT panel.

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