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March 2020 (Report)

1. The Ministry of Academic Affairs initiated the formation of the new AAB (Academic Advisory Board), which consists of the student representatives from the department.  For the academic year 2020-2021, the AAB was formed 1-2 weeks after its initial deadline, owing to the negotiations surrounding the P/NR system. 

2. The first proposal regarding the P/NR system had come from the AAB. The ministry of Academic Affairs then took up the AAB's proposal and presented it to the Dean of academic affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs and the faculty. 

3. The Ministry also sent out a series of instructions to professors on how they can make their recorded lectures available to students easily by converting their lectures into audio files or low visual quality videos.

4. Post the suspension of physical classes, the Student Government and the Ministry of Academic affairs were getting a large number of emails regarding the hardships faced by many students with respect to online classes. The SG, AAB and the Ministry collaborated on creating a survey that would collate these grievances that could then be presented to the VC. For this, a google form was sent out to the entire student body. 

5. Once the forms were filled, the responses were compiled and published for the perusal of the faculty, the Vice Chancellor and the student body alike. The major problems that the students faced were classified into five main categories- Academic- related issues such as fall in GPA, lack of academic resources such as access to TA's, wellbeing-related issues such as lack of access to ACWB, home environment- related issues  such as home environments being unconducive for work and other miscellaneous issues such as  financial constraints.

6. The Ministry of Academic Affairs curated a list of online resources including digital libraries, e-journals, e-databases, e-newspapers, e-magazines and MOOCs. This repository also contained information on how to book virtual appointments with the CWC. 

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