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November 2020 (Report)

Updated: May 31

Work Completed:

  1. Worked on Pass/Fail policy negotiations. Conducted meetings with the OAA and the student body for the same.

  2. Drafted a note for the academic committee and a second round of recommendations.

  3. The Resource Department continued sending out resource spotlight emails - Mathematics, Statistics, Political Science, and International Relations.

  4. The student body was also informed that they could request articles from the library team from magazines and newspapers if required.

  5. The peer learning resource folder has been duly relaunched.

  6. Created posters for UG townhall regarding the P/F policy, infographics to help students understand the policy and graphics for the Spotlight resources collated by the Resources department and put them on our social media.

  7. Collated minutes of the townhall and sent them out to the student body

  8. Formulated a complete detailed policy about the Academic Society Guidelines - with regards to functioning and inclusion in Merit Awards.

Work in Progress:

  1. Upload the remaining resources spotlights on social media.

  2. Start uploading student testimonials regarding different majors on our social media.

  3. Collecting suggestions from the academic societies for the policy, which will then be sent to the Deans and the OAA

  4. Taking student testimonials to gauge gender roles and how they affect experiences in academia

  5. Working towards having a ‘gender in academia’ event and pronoun and gender sensitisation

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