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November-December 2021

1. Shared the Honor Code document with Academic Societies, Office of Academic Affairs for feedback and suggestions

2. Held the Academic Societies Fair

3. Met with the BoM and the VC to discuss the impact of NEP (if any)

4. Continued with the E-resource spotlight

5. OAA Meeting (8th December, 2021)

  • Presented Grade Appeal Mechanism, which will be continued to discuss in the future

  • Created a proposal for an Academic Societies Events Tracker to ensure societies are aware of their performance in the semester

  • Suggested possible changes to the Academic Societies Policy to increase accountability

  • Confirmed the FC Student Representative Policy (which has already been shared with the student body)

  • Discussed the functioning of the Spring semester (which was previously going to be conducted offline)

6. Spring Semester Queries

  • Rolled out a form to collate all queries about the offline/in-person functioning of the Spring Semester

  • In collaboration with Campus Life Ministry, created a FAQs sheet to address those queries

  • Rolled out a new form when it was announced that Spring Semester would be conducted online

7. Registration:

  • Pushed for opening up of Pre-Registration and delaying of the Registration timeline to ensure students had the chance to accommodate changes in the timetable and the mode of conducting

  • Collated a list of problems/issues with the course reflection on AMS (with the help of student representatives) to communicate to the OAA

8. Continued to update the Academic Event Calendar on the website

9. Working with students (Anika Ghei, Nishka Mishra, Rhea Thomson) on their proposal of AcadAssist

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