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October 2021

Work Completed:

1. Inductions for a Deputy; AAB, Departments and Societies; Wellbeing and Inclusivity.

2. Met with Anu Batra and the IT Team:

  • Discussed the restriction on streaming websites during class hours; suggested lesser hours in restriction and discussed the possibility of having a quota specific to streaming websites

  • Requested to get the student directory and major-minor report back on the AMS

  • Ensured students will receive STATA activation, set up a helpdesk with IT to ensure smooth facilitation of process

3. Collated results of the AAB training survey and conveyed the need for the following to the HoDs and OAA:

  • Need for a blanket OAA session to introduce them to the different academic policies

  • Need for a departmental session: Introduction to faculty and courses being offered that academic year, creating an official means of communication with former student representatives

  • Need to have a contractual agreement which outlines roles and responsibilities, the conditions for termination and resignation

  • Official certification or acknowledgement of the position from the department itself

4. Structural changes including sexual harassment reforms in Student-Led Societies:

  • CASH sensitization by the CASH Chair for academic societies leadership and members conducted.

  • Honour code/ code of conduct for academic societies has been drafted and will be shared with societies for discussion ASAP.

5. FC Structure Reforms:

  • Proposal for FC student representatives and departmental diversity in FC offerings shared with student body, including the processes and criteria of election

  • Open meeting held with undergraduate student body to discuss suggestions and clarifications regarding the FC Structure

6. Website Updates:

  • New Calendar for academic events (academic societies, AAB, department webinars etc) added to the ministry website

7. Restarted E-Resource Spotlight for all departments

Work in Progress:

  1. Grade Appeal Proposal has been drafted, will continue discussions with the OAA

  2. Planning the Academic Societies Fair in collaboration with the OAA

  3. Discussing the possibility of Summer Semester Fee Aid with GESP and Dean Shastri

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