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September-October 2020 (Report)

OAA department

Work done:

  • Academic Accommodations survey released

  • Collation of data for that survey to present to the OAA, students, and faculty

  • Meeting with the Office (9th and 15th October) to propose Academic Accommodations for the Monsoon Semester (entire ministry did this)

  • Town Halls for UG'23 regarding academic accommodations and queries and for students of all batches to propose and take suggestions on these Accommodations

Work in progress:

  • Following up with Office on minimum required courses and whether first years can audit a course

Resources Department

Work done:

  • The Resources Department launched a weekly E-Resources Spotlight, bringing to the student body key resources helpful for specific departments. It started with the Economics Department, following it with the History Department, and it is now planning on releasing one for the Mathematics Department.

  • Collaborating with the CWC, we conducted a series of workshops on Plagiarism and Citation to ease the uncertainty amongst the incoming batch.

Work in progress:

  • Weekly E-resources Spotlight series for remaining departments

  • The Department took decisive steps to relaunch the Peer-Learning Resource Folder, and is working on drafting the mail and the guidelines for the same.

Departments, Academic Societies and the AAB

Work done:

  • Helped the OAA organize the first ever Academic Societies’s Fair.

  • Sent the OAA a proposal about possible structure/guidelines for the academic societies.

Work in Progress:

  • Working on further detail about Academic Societies’ structure, in order to facilitate their inclusion in the Merit Awards.

Social Media and Documentation

Work done:

  • Collated minutes for the UG townhall conducted by the Ministry and sent them out to all students.

  • Collated minutes of the meetings with the OAA and sent them out to all students.

  • Created posters for the townhalls and for the Academic societies fair.

  • Collected testimonials from a few students regarding their respective major/minor.

Work in progress:

  • Collect testimonials from students regarding their respective major/minor and upload them on our social media.

  • Collaborate with the well-being department to collate tips and techniques on productivity and de-stressing (at home).

Faculty Department

Work done:

  • Collated Academic Accommodations Survey data and results in a report (in collaboration with the OAA Department).

  • Negotiated the implementation of Academic Accommodations such as the extension of deadlines for converting Credit to Audit and Withdraw (“W”) extension.

  • Accordingly held open-house meetings with the student body to discuss implemented accommodations, as well as additional academic concerns and queries.

  • Created proposals for additional reforms such as a Credit Drop policy.

Work in progress:

  • Negotiating the implementation of current working proposals (reforming the Course-retake policy, Credit Drop policy, etc.) with the OAA.

Well-being and Social Impact Department

Work done:

  • Worked with the Resources department in the ministry and the OLS to send out pointers regarding problems people are facing in the online semester. We’re currently ideating on how to increase the scope of our work with the OLS.

Work in progress:

  • We are currently trying to collaborate with the CSGS on issues regarding gender, power dynamics and sexual harassment in the classroom/academic setting. We are also trying to work these out in workshops held during the semester and during orientation week for the freshers.

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